Friday, May 6, 2011

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

I got back from my vacation in Arizona on Wednesday. The trip can basically be summed up by apple sauce, fruit juice, pottery painting, canvas painting, shopping DIVA's, golf cart, bicycle built for two, amazing food, family and LOVE. A LOT of inside jokes in that sentence. It was really great time. I needed it too. An escape from the drama I call my life. Of course going to Arizona was not an escape lol but it was fun none the less. The most fun I have had in a really long time. 

As You Wish is a really great pottery painting place. Unfortunately they only have locations in Arizona. We painted plates there on Friday. I made mine and fell in love with it. I only wish George and I had decided to change the date back before I made it. But oh well. I still love it.

I also got to meet baby Christoper! I was super exited. He is adorable. Sooo giggly and has the cutest smile EVER! Poor thing was tired and hungry though so he wasn't such a happy baby for long. 

See? Cutest smile EVER! 

The girls loved him to pieces. Ava got to feed him. She was afraid of burping him because she didn't want to tap his back too hard. Lol. She is cute.

 Being Joe Cool with his sunglasses!

The nature in Arizona is AMAZING. Beautiful blooming cacti everywhere. The flowers are exotic and beautiful. And where there are flowers... there are bees. I almost got stung by one but for the most part they would just fly right in front of my camera onto the flower and just hang there. It was awesome.

 Overall this was a very pleasing vacation. Just what I needed. Thanks for the fruit juice Nik! 


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