Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life is just complicated.

Why does life target us when we are the most vulnerable?  I have stuck in a nostalgia for the past few weeks. Not necessarily wanting to go back but just missing what was. Missing the way the people of my past made me feel. The love, the support. As far as a romantic relationship goes I could definitely do better. And I know that. I would not change being friends with my ex because we are better at being friend than we ever were at being in a relationship but I miss what being in a relationship felt like? Know what I mean. And as best friends go I could talk to her about everything. I felt like I wasn't alone in life. The way she made me feel was unbeatable. But I felt like that was very one sided. She would not confide in me the way I did for her. Sigh.  And for any kind of relationship to work it takes two to give 100%. And I know that. I just have that feeling of everything wanting to be perfect. But alas I have the life I have for a reason and I will find that reason eventually. Just takes work and determination.

And I just got a message from an ex friend of mine. Our relationship did not end well at all. She wants to talk and I don't know what to say or do. I'm just confused. Life is complicated.